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Tipi vs House-Shaped - Which One To Choose?

One of the major factors to consider would be the space in your child's room. The tipi bed starts off wide at the base and gets narrower all the way to the top. The house-shaped bed, however, has a frame that remains as wide as the base and then has a much smaller section that is narrow. You would also need to consider which shape you and your child likes the most, and whether or not it would fit in with the decor. In the end, most parents choose the bed that excites their child the most.

Are The Beds Of Children's Beds Home Safe?

We all know that furniture made for children needs to be as safe as it can be. It is often the very first question we receive from parents. We're sure that you'll be glad to learn that we thoroughly test and inspect all of our products from the manufacturing supply lines, all the way to our inventory and delivery. You can rest assured that you will get a bed that is completely safe for your child.