Tent Beds

Now that your child is growing, their world is growing too, and begins to move from just the bedroom to other sections of the home. Play may happen in the family rooms or outdoors now, and meals could now take place in the kitchen or dining room. At this important developmental stage, it is a good idea to start establishing your child's bedroom as more than a place to sleep, but also as a safe space for exploring and quiet play, reading and resting, and of course for using their imagination.

Tent Beds

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Are Tent Beds Safe?

Tent beds, also known as tipi or canopy beds, are completely safe, especially with our manufacturing process. 

What Are Tent Beds For?

Tent beds are perfect for children who love to have their own little hiding place. It's so easy to put a blanket over and pretend that you are in your own little space to read or play. 

A tent bed is also a wonderful way for littles ones to have a safe space to express their emotions - whether these emotions are excitement or frustration - the tent allows for privacy and encourages self-soothing as they start to tap into those emotions and begin to regulate them. 

Because a tent bed is usually low to the ground, your child has the freedom to explore and move around their room at will, while still being enticed back to the tent bed, which encircles them like a warm hug and encourages games using the imagination like Peter Pan's secret hideaway! A floor bed is an essential part of the Montessori bedroom, as they allow your child to be independent of caretakers to move them around, and the canopy or tent frame is pure design deliciousness, as it allows you to change and adapt your child's bedroom look regularly to keep things fresh and avoid boredom.

Can You Use A Tent Bed For Children With Autism?

Children with autism can especially benefit from a tent bed. Sensory overload is easier to take care of with a blanket over creating a space where the world feels shut out.

Can You Get A Tent Bed With Storage?

Yes, you can! Take a look at our beautiful tipi and canopy beds with space for storage.