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Cot Beds

Secure a solid and trustworthy foundation for your little one's sleeping environment with our selection of baby cot beds. The most important thing for a baby is that a cot is safe and comfortable as the baby has to spend a large part of his life in it. Add a cot to your new infant furniture sets because they're sturdy and comfortable.

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What is a cot bed?

You can use a cot from about 0-2 years. At birth, you put the cot on the highest position, and as soon as your little one can stand, and once they turn into little escape artists (often around 6 months) you put the cot down. For safety, it is important to lower the bottom of the cot in time, otherwise, the little one may fall out. With a cot, you need a baby mattress that fits perfectly in the bed. If the mattress is too small it will slip but if it's too big it won't sit comfortably for your baby either.

Why does your baby need a cot bed?

Open the door of a baby's room and see what strikes you first: the baby bed. The throne for your prince or princess. It goes without saying that a baby bed is an essential piece of furniture in the nursery. Children need a lot of sleep and that's what they do most of the time (around 20h/day!). And what is a better way to relax your son or daughter than in a comfortable baby bed? It's important that they can sleep in peace, otherwise, they won't sleep like they're supposed to and they'll get stressed and frustrated.

Putting your baby to sleep in a cot bed instead of next to yourself all the time is also really important so that the baby learns to sleep alone from an early age and so that sleeping alone does not become a problem later when they get a little older and have to go to sleep by themselves.