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Trundle beds are the best alternatives for bunk beds. A trundle bed is a bed that is tucked underneath another bed, providing a temporary bed that can be pulled out whenever needed, then neatly stores away under the main bed when it’s not in use. Providing a brilliant solution for a guest bed, a trundle bed is usually set on a frame with rollers or wheels so you can quickly and easily pull it out.

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For who are these beds?

These beds are the best for kids who have someone to share the room with. It could be their sibling or just a roommate, but this bed is ideal for kids who are having a sleepover too! All girls love hosting and going to a sleepover with their girlfriends, especially when they're young. And what's a better way of keeping those energetic little guests safe and comfortable than letting them all sleep together in one big bed that gets divided into multiple beds? These beds will guarantee their good night's sleep after being active all day!

Why does your kid(s) need a bed with a trundle?

These beds are perfect to be used as a guest bed since there's more than just 1 bed in these kids' trundle beds. Whenever someone's come by for a sleepover you can just pull the second bed magically from underneath the main one. And if you buy an even bigger one, you can pull 2 from underneath the space under the visible bed. These beds are designed to take less space while still remaining the same comfort and functionality. They are also ideal for smaller rooms because they take just as much space as a single bed but function as multiple beds. How many is up to you, you can choose between a trundle bed for 2 or 3 people while taking up the same amount of space?

Do they have other benefits?

Trundle beds have also other benefits such as taking less space than placing multiple single beds. And taking less space means having more room to play! Not only do these beds save you room but you can also choose to buy one with drawers to put away the kids' toys or pyjamas. The extra drawers are especially beneficial for parents since they are very useful and help to keep things organised. A bed with a trundle gives rooms an overall cleaner look than rooms with multiple beds or a bunk bed. Our trundle beds will guarantee a good night's sleep for the entire family. And you know, when the kids sleep well, the parents sleep like babies.