High Sleeper Beds

High sleeper beds can be Loft Beds and Bunk Beds. They are perfect if you need extra room in your child's room for playing or a desk, and have a bed in the same area. Adventurous children will love the idea of sleeping high up, and parents have the peace of mind that their child is sleeping safe and sound with the barriers in place.

High Sleeper Beds

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Are High Sleeper Beds Safe?

While these beds are not recommended for very young children, a high sleeper bed is still very safe for an older child. Our beds are designed with safety in mind, so you will notice that there are rails in place to prevent your child from rolling off the bed.

What Can I Have Under A Loft Bed?

There are many choices for what you can store under your loft beds. Some ideas are a desk, a cupboard, arts and crafts table, a reading nook, or even just a little play area with toy boxes.