Bedding Sheets

Bedding sheets is the much-needed accompaniment to any bed. Not only do they protect your mattress and make it last longer, but bedding sheets also add that much needed splash of colour that makes a room look beautiful. 

Bedding Sheets

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What Colours And Sizes Do You Have Available?

We currently have six different sizes and seven different colours. White, grey, blue, ecru, green apple, pink, and purple. You can pick and choose whatever colour would fit in with the decor.

Are These Fitted Sheets?

Yes, our bedding sheets are fitted sheets and can even perfectly fit thicker mattress. 

What Are Your Bedding Sheets Made Of?

They are 100% cotton jersey fabric. They come with the added benefits of not shrinking after wash, not losing their colour, and don't need to be ironed.

What Makes Cotton A Good Choice For Bedding Sheets?

Blended fabrics are often treated with formaldehyde and ammonia, and these chemicals are absorbed through the skin when in contact with bedding sheets. Considering the fact that children should be sleeping at least 8 to 10 hours a night, it's important to choose fabrics that do not leech off chemicals into their bodies.

Cotton is also a great choice for temperature regulation. If your child feels overheated at night, the quality of their sleep will be negatively impacted. This is why we stock only the finest 100% cotton bedding sheets at Children's Beds Home.