Single Beds With Storage

There are two main reasons why you would be thinking about extra storage for your child's room:

1) You have limited floor space and all of those Christmas and birthday presents are piling up on every available surface; or

2) You are ready to start encouraging your child to manage and tidy their own room

If this sounds like your current experience, then a single bed with storage is ideal for you. These beds have a special compartment underneath for our storage drawers to slide into, some with a middle separator and others without. 

When independence is your goal, the storing items underneath a bed is ideal for your toddler to be able to reach them as needed, as well as being able to pack away items themselves. This encourages order and independence which in turn will cultivate your child's confidence in their own abilities. The Montessori way and spaces encourages simplicity and order, and the extra space for storage allows you to de-clutter your child's room.

Single Beds With Storage

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