Łóżka na antresoli

Chciałbyś umeblować prawie całe przedszkole za pomocą tylko 1 mebla? Umożliwiają to łóżka na antresoli. Ten mebel oferuje Twojemu dziecku wszystko, czego potrzebuje, a nawet więcej. Dla dzieci łóżko na poddaszu jest oczywiście fajne i absolutnie niesamowite. Miejsce do wygodnego spania, wspinania się, odrabiania lekcji i przechowywania rzeczy. Łóżka loftowe to doskonała alternatywa dla pokoi dziecięcych o ograniczonej przestrzeni. Łóżko na antresoli to idealne łóżko, jeśli szukasz rozwiązania oszczędzającego miejsce do dziecięcej sypialni.

Łóżka dziecięce na antresoli - Łóżka dziecięce Strona główna

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What is a loft bed?

On a semi-high bed, a child is higher than in a single bed and lower than in a loft bed. That is an ideal and safe sleeping height. Your child has to climb stairs to get to bed. For parents, this is practical in connection with changing the bed and they can easily wish their child good night. There is still room to play or to store toys under the semi-high bed.

What is the difference between a loft bed and a bunk bed?

When it comes to kids there isn't anything that is as functional as a loft bed or as fun as a bunk bed. Bunk beds typically have two beds, one on top and one on the bottom. A loft bed, on the other hand, has one bed on top and no bed on the bottom, which leaves all that space below that you can use for whatever your child's interests are. The design ensures that there is a maximum of space available at the bottom of the bed for your child to play or for matching furniture.

Why are loft beds a good idea?

Children are super active, so it is normal for them to fall into their bed exhausted after a long tiring day! Give them the night's sleep they deserve thanks to our extensive range of loft beds. Incorporating a loft bed is a quick way to optimize space, especially a more compact one. Loft beds also give house guests the ultimate, all-in-one space. Some more innovative options even include a wardrobe or a built-in bulletin board, and drawers and integrated shelving allow for personalization and extra storage.

For boys and girls

A loft bed is suitable for both boys and girls. A hip or cool design makes a loft bed an important part of a boys' or girls' bedroom. The loft beds for girls or boys are ideal for saving space in the room. The space under the loft bed is ideal for furnishing and creating space elsewhere.

Every child's dream is achievable in the smallest room.

With a loft bed, you create a living, play, and workspace. Thanks to the loft bed, there is room for a desk or a play corner. And that while the sleeper is close to the stars. In addition, children like it when you must climb a real ladder to get to their destination, just like they do on a loft bed!

Some extra must-haves

Having a good bed is great but having additional extra accessories for the bed is even better! Take a look at our must-haves. You will find interesting accessories that will finish your child's room. For example, a waterproof mattress protector or fitted sheets. Both will come in really handy and very useful for your kids.