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Looking for a kid's single bed can be hard and emotional for a lot of parents. Having your little one move to its own bed, after having slept next to you for a while can be pretty hard, and that's okay. However, it is important to make sure that your child can sleep sound at night, at least as comfortable as they did in your bed. Finding the perfect bed for your little one is another thing that can be really difficult. And we know it's hard seeing them grow up, but don't worry. We'll together with you make sure that they can still sleep like babies at night!

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First things first, for how many tots are we searching for a bed?

Whether you're looking for a bed for your little, only one or you're looking for a bed for your few tots, you're at the right address! We sell single beds for kids where they can sleep peacefully in. Now, you can choose to either get a single bed for one or more kids.

Beds for room sharing

Many people think a bunk bed is the only good solution to kids sharing a single place but that's far from the truth. Now, the truth is that you don't have to buy a bed where 1 of it is going to be empty most of the time and only be slept in when your child is having a sleepover. Does this mean you have to just buy a single bed and let the kids sleep in it together because otherwise, you'll just be losing space? No, not either. See, we have the perfect solution to this problem, a trundle bed. A trundle bed will be solving this problem by not taking any extra space when not needed. The main bed will be visible at all times and the second (and third) bed can be pulled from underneath the first one when needed, and of course, put back when not in use. Whether you've got 2 kids sharing a single space or your little one loves to have a sleepover, this is the perfect solution

Extra's that you and your kids will love!

When buying a bed that's going to last for a while it's smart to think of all the advantages a bed can have. One of the biggest examples is storage rooms. We sell children's beds with storage for those who can use some extra drawers to put away their stuff in. They come as 2 in 1 and your child's bed will change quickly to a multiple functional beds.